E-Learning Is Education Evolved To Engage Today’s Learners

Picture education. Did you imagine a classroom with a single teacher in the front and desks of bored learners staring forward at that teacher? This image is the one that would come to most people’s minds when they imagine education, but the ways in which we learn are changing with the times and with technological advances. The way we learn is undergoing a revolution, one necessary to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced learners.

Fast access to information via Internet media channels has accelerated the expectations of learners. Today’s learners do not just desire but actually expect instant access to content. Old models of learning fail to meet these learners where they live, but Saba Learning Management Systems adapt online education to suit these modern modes of learning, supplementing traditional learning methodologies with modern media optimized to today’s learners’ standards.

Mobile Learning Via Today’s Mobile Communications Technology

Today’s learners are mobile, accessing the Internet via mobile devices 37% of the time[1]. They carry their telephone, inbox, rolodex, encyclopedia, camera, chat client, music collection, documents, and practically their entire life in their pocket. To meet these learners where they live, educational strategies are adapting to be accessible in ways that today’s learners access information.

Saba’s Mobile Learning Management Solution offers the perfect channel for these learners. It provides easy-to-use mobile learning opportunities and allows educators and learners to access educational materials anywhere and at any time that is convenient to them through user-authenticated, encrypted access to online course materials. The simple user interface makes interacting with educational content entirely intuitive.

Learners can access these materials and take their training online or offline by downloading content for later access. Multiple users can access the educational materials from a single device, and Saba Anywhere tracks each individual user’s progress through the coursework. Standards-based courseware can be accessed from most any mobile device, cellphone, tablet or computer, making the educational experience more accessible than ever.

Social Learning Engages The Social Media Generation

The average 18-34-year-old American spends four hours daily tending to their social media presence[2], so this generation of learners is familiar with the collaborative social experience provided by modern media. Yet educational models have lagged behind this advance in human communications and connectedness.

Saba has included social learning as an aspect of the Saba eLearning Suite. The open community setting provided via social learning management systems addresses multiple learning styles while providing high performers with the opportunity to advance at their pace. The ability to create project management spaces, forums, wikis, and topical blogs full of content that can be rated and tagged by your community of learners ensures that the most powerful socially-generated, educational content is incorporated into the informal learning experience.

Easy-to-engage online interfaces meet all generations’ learning needs by allowing for individually-paced learning. Advanced learners and top performers have the ability to answer questions and generate further educational content, a process that inevitably illustrates the leaders amongst your learners. Saba Learning Suite creates personally managed learning experiences that draw on social media platforms already familiar to learners, engaging learners in ways that are as interesting as they are effective.

Team-Building With Community Learning and Collaboration Applications

The way we engage one another is evolving alongside our use of new media applications. This was observed by a survey conducted by the Pew Internet & American Life Project in which results showed that Internet users are significantly more likely to engage in group activities, to take leadership roles in those groups, and to even donate money to those groups[3]. What this represents is a shift in how today’s population engages each other both online and offline. Social media truly is making us more social in unexpected ways. We identify with groups of people we have not even met and feel as if we are active contributors to those groups.

E-learning and social learning applications activate this same social instinct, providing new opportunities for both collaborative experiences and community-building that are not limited by our ability to be physically present to one another. Web meetings put teams of people together despite being thousands of miles apart. Webinars allow us to share our use of software and applications across a desktop shared with thousands of learners at once. As distance disappears as a limitation, community thrives, and learners in virtual classroom spaces experience as much of a community learning experience as students in a classroom ever have.

The virtual classroom applications included in the Saba Learning Suite provide learning opportunities unheard of in the past. Imagine education, but instead of that box full of desks facing forward in attention to a single teacher, the desks are around the world in offices, classrooms, and the palm of someone’s hand; they are networked together in a web, bridged by video communications, asynchronous discussion, and community forums that allow the interplay of dialogue and sharing of knowledge at the heart of education throughout human history. This is the future of education, and Saba provides you with the tools to build that future.

[1] Aquina, Carmela and Andrew Lipsman, “2013 Mobile Future in Focus,” Comscore.com, 22 February 2013, http://www.comscore.com/Insights/Presentations_and_Whitepapers/2013/2013_Mobile_Future_in_Focus

[2] Wiltfong, Jill, “Socialogue: The Most Common Butterfly On Earth Is The Social Butterfly,” Ipsos.com, 08 January 2013, http://ipsos-na.com/news-polls/pressrelease.aspx?id=5954

[3] Purcell, Kristen, Lee Rainie, and Aaron Smith, “The Social Side of the Internet,” PewInternet.org, 18 January 2011, http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/The-Social-Side-of-the-Internet.aspx

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