Rapidly Create and Publish Certification and Training Programs

Perhaps your industry is facing a new certification requirement or standards are changing within your field. It could be that you seek to cross-train your workforce to avoid gaps in case of worker absence, or you could simply be preparing to train the next generation of talent that will make your organization thrive in the coming years.

Whatever the case, being able to rapidly create and publish training or certification materials in an accessible and manageable manner is paramount.  Saba provides all of the tools necessary to quickly and accurately develop high-quality, truly valuable learning courses. This accelerates your organization’s ability to share knowledge and expedite training and certification programs.

Saba Empowers You To Create Learning Content

Saba has created one of the most powerful learning content creation tools on the market today, one so versatile and moldable that it is used across industries and by governments around the world. Saba Publisher puts programmer-level development and customization potential into the hands of programmers and non-programmers alike.

The toolkit that is provided by Saba is specifically designed to create coursework and training materials from an array of functions provided by Publisher. Drag-and-drop access provides instant creation, so developing media-rich content and incorporating such in-place assets as existing texts, media, and graphics or images is intuitive.

With Saba, your subject-matter experts and most knowledgeable team members need not be instructional designers to create instructional learning and training materials. Anybody can use the platform provided by Saba Publisher as a framework to develop an educational experience that is accessible to most any learner. The end result is always professional, content-driven, and engaging, and it is this ease of creation and development that has made Saba Publisher the platform chosen by more than 1300 organizations from over 150 countries worldwide.

The Key to Coursework Creation Success: Saba’s Proven Methodology

Saba’s track record of success deploying hundreds of projects across various industries, fields, and governments’ standards is derived from a proven methodology known as the Saba Achieve Methodology. It is a trusted framework that has been honed from the successes and lessons-learned assisting a diversity of organizational learners meet their objectives.

The Saba Achieve Methodology is driven by a focus on business outcomes, whether our clients are for-profit or not. We help your organization outline its definition of success and ensure that each of your criteria are represented and functional. This level of planning controls the process, guiding it toward valuable learning outcomes.

Our strategic approach accelerates the time to value for your program development, ensuring that the thought leaders and experts within your organization are not taken from their vital roles excessively. Empowering those content creators while preparing them with a roadmap of outlined objectives and predefined checkpoints reduces project drift, allowing your organization or business to see implementation and results sooner.


Saba Deployment Services, The Industry’s Most Experienced Team

Our experts have encountered every type of learner, international certification standard, and a diverse array of knowledge transfer needs that our international customers accomplish with Saba learning platforms. Our team is committed to optimizing your program and providing effective configurability delivered with best practices developed through our global-level experience.

Saba Consulting provides your content development and deployment project with project executives and consultants able to provide rapid solutions. Our team ensures cost-efficiency through rapid deployments whether on-premise or online.

Saba’s Cloud Implementation and Deployment Bundles provide the most modern options available today for learning platform development and launch. Integrate multiple applications with a unified platform to create seamless business processes and collaborative experiences as a pillar of your program management. Streamlined deployment allows for global implementation, and this is only accelerated by the access options available today via social media, mobile devices, and eLearning environments.

Saba University Trains The Trainers, Teaches the Teachers

By aligning your development strategy with your business or organizational objectives from the outset, our team of technical experts can guide your deployment strategy. However, we recognize that there is more to the experience than just the content, the medium, and the learner; there is also your deployment and administration team.

Saba’s team of experts provides far more than just technical guidance. Saba Consulting ensures that your project team, those trainers, administrators, and technical gurus who will manage your program, are fully prepared from day one.

Saba University is our way of providing a solid grounding in Saba applications to your team. Our training is provided to your administrators and trainers through pre-packaged training offerings that can be customized to your team’s needs. This guarantees robust support for learning programs of any complexity and puts the power to drive your program in your organization’s grasp.

Our educational resources and materials are designed specifically to your program’s needs. Managers and users across your organization will have instant access to the knowledge they need for program adoption. eLearning class creation, materials distribution, and skills validation are all easily administered through integrated learning management software that your administrator is prepared to use by our experts.

Saba ensures your program is created efficiently by your experts and delivered to your learners via a streamlined process that guarantees successful outcomes. Your objectives are our objectives, and you will see that the experts at Saba apply our standard of overachievement to your program development, making every step of the way as smooth, adaptable, and effective for your business or organization as possible.

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