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Identify and Develop Top Talent

Ensure your people are ready for tomorrow’s business challenges

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Gain comprehensive insight into your workforce

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  • Uncover and address talent gaps and departure risks
  • Prioritize efforts based on high-risk positions or lowest bench strength scores
  • Talent dashboard provides scoring and insight into readiness of employees next in line 
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Discover your rockstars and high-potentials

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  • Tap into the wisdom of crowds and let employees recognize high achievers
  • Highlight top performers and rising stars with crowdsourced impressions and social analytics
  • Embedded collaboration enables people across the organization to recognize rockstars 
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Develop top talent and bench strength

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  • Identify candidates for key positions using competency models
  • Create individual assessment with competency content
  • Empower managers and employees to build personal development plans 
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Manage succession and empower employees

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  • Evaluate employees for leadership positions using talent dashboards
  • Talent pool manager ensures appropriate development activities are in place for key positions
  • Go beyond 9-box with n-box grids that allow for calibration and side-by-side comparisons
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